I’m on this planet to serve humanity, to learn, and to grow.

I’m dedicated to helping others live activated lives, and to building a new world culture based on right human relations.

I strive for highest integrity and personal mastery, and I aim to inspire and uplift all the lives I touch.

Jim Punkre | Founder, My Healing Kitchen

“Ryan is a masterful communicator, marketer, and business developer. He wields his dazzling networking and movement-making skills with integrity, optimism, and purpose. His contributions to my brand and business were invaluable.”

Jim Punkre | Founder, My Healing Kitchen
Who I Am

My Character / Personality

Type 3
1072, 882, 147
Mayan Kin:
Yellow Self-Existing Sun
My Traits

My Work

FOUNDER of Kairos Visionary Media, a consulting firm specializing in online information marketing.

Past Accomplishments

Co-built a $12M natural health publishing company.

Consulted numerous clients in the health, relationship, spirituality, business, and self-development niches.

Provided editorial services for numerous projects, including novels, non-fiction works, essays, and articles.

Produced a conference promoting the synthesis of Science, Consciousness, & Spirituality.

Received a B.A. in Liberal Arts from St. John’s College, with a double major in the History of Mathematics/Science and Philosophy, and a double minor in Classical Studies and Comparative Literature.

Extensively studied the follow subjects through independent inquiry (all true study is endless and ongoing): Eastern and Western spirituality, mysticism, esotericism, magic, yoga, meditation, ethnobotany, herbalism, psychopharmacology, alternative healing arts, shamanism, alternative history, consciousness, theoretical physics, permaculture, astrology, alchemy, economics, business, and internet marketing.

Explored the multiverse with spiritual tools and techniques, and began a lifelong sadhana.

Produced successful and well-loved transformational festivals and gatherings integrating music, art, and conscious culture.


Infoscape Creation
Joint Venture Brokering
Business Design

Yoga Instruction
Meditation Guidance
Transformational Workshop Facilitation
Energy Healing
Lifestyle Design
Event Production
Spiritual Life Coaching

Jaymin Patel | Founder, NetworkLikeARockstar.com

“It’s incredible to have access to someone like Ryan. He knows exactly what he is talking about and is a true expert in Internet Marketing. He has the content knowledge, the industry awareness, and many connections that are invaluable to me and my business. His sage advice has really helped me through the marketing funnel creation process, and his ability to write copy is simply outstanding!”

Jaymin Patel | Founder, NetworkLikeARockstar.com

A Small Portfolio of My Thoughts

How To Cultivate Awareness: 5 Steps To Living Outside The (Ego’s) Box

In order to develop true awareness, we must step outside the boundaries of the egoic personality. We must let our intuition sensitize us to higher-order stimuli.

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Meditation For Balancing Expansion And Contraction (And Why Spiritual Practice Is Not A Race)

The key to spiritual discernment is knowing when to favor contraction over expansion. It’s sometimes necessary to set boundaries, to protect ourselves, to slow the pace of our forward spiritual motion. Our higher intuition always knows when we’ve…

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Creating Worlds With Your Words

Language is the matrix of creation and connectivity. It is structured intentionality, given ordered form by the geometric will of consciousness. It is the principle that allows for creation’s simultaneous existence as the One and the Many.

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The Magical Syntax of Daily Practice

Actions in harmony with kairos are translinguistic portals, doorways into worlds of higher-order meaning and synchronicity.

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If my work resonates with you, great! Let me know if there’s any way in which I can be of service to you.

To discuss my services as a marketing consultant, copywriter, and event organizer, please email ryan@moonbloom.net.

To inquire about my offerings as a spiritual coach, workshop leader, yoga teacher, and healer, or to discuss collaboration possibilities, please email ryan@lightlabcreations.com.


I see the Light that shines in you. Blessings.

Let's co-create heaven on earth.