1. How To Cultivate Awareness: 5 Steps To Living Outside The (Ego’s) Box

    March 24, 2014 by webmaster
    In order to develop true awareness, we must step outside the boundaries of the egoic personality. We must let our intuition sensitize us to higher-order stimuli.

  2. Meditation For Balancing Expansion And Contraction (And Why Spiritual Practice Is Not A Race)

    by webmaster
    The key to spiritual discernment is knowing when to favor contraction over expansion. It’s sometimes necessary to set boundaries, to protect ourselves, to slow the pace of our forward spiritual motion. Our higher intuition always knows when we’ve had enough expansion for one day…we just have to listen.

  3. Creating Worlds With Your Words

    by webmaster
    Language is the matrix of creation and connectivity. It is structured intentionality, given ordered form by the geometric will of consciousness. It is the principle that allows for creation’s simultaneous existence as the One and the Many.

  4. The Magical Syntax of Daily Practice

    by webmaster
    Actions in harmony with kairos are translinguistic portals, doorways into worlds of higher-order meaning and synchronicity.

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